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Ledger Blue is a premium hardware wallet with an advanced user experience thanks to a large touchscreen interface. It is built around a Secure Element and includes all the security features you’d expect from a Ledger device.

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Technical specifications


The Ledger Blue features a large color display screen, so you can check all your apps and verify all your transaction details at a glance.

Touch control

The Ledger Blue’s large touch-screen enables you to control every operation right from your fingertips, for a highly intuitive user experience.

Multi assets

The Ledger Blue can support up to 11 device applications simultaneously allowing you to manage all your crypto assets at the same time.


The Ledger Live companion app enables you to easily check your balance and send or receive crypto assets.

Tamper proof

No need for an anti-tampering sticker to protect your device! The secure chip checks the integrity of your device each time it's powered on - much better than any sticker would.

Secure chip

The Ledger Blue designed around a robust secure chip, built to withstand sophisticated attacks: your private keys are safely isolated inside the device.

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