Hardware wallet

Secure your crypto with a hardware wallet

A hardware wallet secures your crypto by storing your private key within a Secure Element. Hardware wallets prevent physical extraction of the private key and require physical transaction approval, minimizing crypto assets exposure from vulnerable online environments like smartphones or computers and minimizing exposure to malware and other threats.
<em>Hardware wallet</em>

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Ledger Stax

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Hardware wallets explained

Understand the concept of hardware wallets and why they are considered the best option to protect your crypto. Let us guide you to what a hardware wallet is, how it works, and a step-by-step guide on how to use a hardware wallet.

What is a hardware wallet?

A hardware wallet is a physical device that stores your private keys on a Secure Element. The Secure Element also drives the device’s screen to ensure that a transaction can't be tampered with.

When you want to clear sign a transaction, the Ledger Secure OS decodes the transaction details and displays it in a human-readable format so that you know what you're signing.

How do hardware wallets work?

Hardware wallets use Secure Element chips that are also used for credit cards and passports. The chip generates and stores your private keys and prevents physical attacks. Hardware wallets also contain an operating system (OS) that is responsible for running the apps. When setting up your hardware wallet, you'll have to set your PIN code and write down your seed phrase. Then you can sign or reject transactions with your hardware wallet.

Why Do Private Keys Matter?

Private keys are unique strings of letters and numbers that allow you to access your digital assets. Cryptocurrencies are not stored within the crypto wallet itself but on the blockchain. Private keys are crucial to the security and ownership of your crypto, as they are the only way to prove that you are the rightful owner of your digital assets. Therefore, your private keys must be kept secret and secure at all times. Hardware wallets provide a secure way to store and manage your private keys, keeping them offline and out of reach of online threats.

Secure your seed phrase

A seed phrase is a unique 24-word phrase that is generated when you first set up your hardware wallet. This phrase serves as the backup of your private keys, allowing you to securely restore your wallet access.

You can also restore access to your wallet without your seedphrase with Ledger Recover!

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Hardware Wallet benefits

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Take ownership of your crypto

Hardware wallet gives you complete control over your private keys. When you have control over your private keys, you have control over your crypto.


Keep your private keys offline

Unlike hot wallets or exchanges that are vulnerable to hacking, phishing attacks, and malware, hardware wallets store your private keys offline.


Combine it with a hardware wallet companion app

Coupled with the hardware wallet companion app, you can manage and stake crypto with hardware wallet security.


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