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Ledger Nano X

Securely start
your crypto journey.

Secure, manage and grow your crypto assets with
our new Bluetooth-enabled hardware wallet.

Industry-leading security

When you own crypto, what you really own is a private key that gives you access to your coins. You need to keep this key completely safe. Ledger wallets are the best way to own and secure this key.

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To verify any transaction

Homemade Operating system

Certified Secure Chip


Your crypto, totally accessible

Secure your crypto with the Nano X hardware wallet, then manage and grow it with the Ledger Live app. It’s simple to get started.

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On the go

Manage your crypto wherever you go. Connect your Ledger Nano X to your smartphone with Bluetooth to get started.


Grow your assets

Keep your assets safe as they generate revenues. You can grow your crypto by staking your Tezos, Tron, Cosmos, Algorand or Polkadot directly in Ledger Live. Or simply lend your DAI, USDC and USDT and let your crypto do the work.

Earn with Ledger

Manage 5,500+ coins and tokens

Up to 100 apps installed

With the Ledger Nano X, you can secure and manage over 5,500 coins and tokens. Including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X

  • Integrates a certified secure chip
  • Store between 3 to 20 apps
  • Bluetooth connection
Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S

  • Integrates a certified secure chip
  • Up to 3 apps installed
  • USB cable