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Ledger Nano X


Nano X

Buy a Nano X and get 10$ of Bitcoin.
Up to 100 apps
NFTs + DeFi
Mac OS
Onyx Black
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Ledger Nano S Plus


Nano S Plus

Buy a Nano S Plus and get 10$ of Bitcoin.
Up to 100 apps
NFTs + DeFi
Mac OS
Matte Black
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  • Deepsea Blue
  • Mystic White
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When your Ledger Nano arrives, the package will include your personal BTC gift card.


Follow the instructions on the physical BTC gift card to redeem your BTC on the Ledger Live app.
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The safest way to secure your crypto is using a hardware wallet, like the Ledger Nano X or S Plus. They store your private keys offline and and let you signs transactions, making them resistant to online threats and independent of third parties.
Manage your crypto safely anywhere
Ledger Nano’s are pocket-size and easily connects with your smartphone or computer so that you can safely buy, protect, exchange, and grow your crypto anytime, anywhere with our accompanying Ledger Live app.
Stay in control of your assets even if your Ledger is lost or broken
Losing your Ledger doesn’t mean losing your crypto. Your assets are stored on the blockchain, which you can access using your Ledger. As long as your secret recovery phrase is safe and accessible to only you, you can access, manage, and retrieve your assets. Simply get another Ledger Nano and restore accounts using your recovery phrase. And boom, you’re back in the game.
Don’t compromise your security for convenience
Some people say it takes too many clicks to sign a transaction with a Ledger Nano. But keep in mind that every click adds another layer of security to a transaction and therefore, your assets. The rule we follow is that each transaction should be clear signed before it’s executed. How does it work? Transaction details are displayed on a Ledger’s trusted screen and it only takes a few clicks to review, approve, and confirm it. Ledger doesn’t compromise on security—and you shouldn’t either. It’s just not worth it.
Have peace of mind no matter how much crypto you have
Do you think you shouldn’t invest in a hardware wallet if you have a small amount of crypto? Even a few coins can be whipped out of your software wallet or get stuck on a centralized exchange. Think again: What is the cost of peace of mind you get with a hardware wallet? Are you sure it isn't worth the investment?
Securely connect and transact with a range of third-party wallets and Apps
Ledger wallets give you secure plug-and-play access to a range of third-party wallets and dApps. This way you have more options for interacting with the diverse Web3 world and a backup in case of emergency or service outage. Your private keys and assets remain safe in your Nano. Hackers stole billions of dollars in crypto this year. Hackers stole billions of dollars in crypto this year. Guess how many times they hacked Ledger hardware wallets’ technology? Zero.