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Nano Case

The Ledger Nano Case accessory is an elegant upgrade to your crypto and NFTs security. It allows you to keep your crypto secure and protect your Ledger Nano X or S Plus while looking refined with our new, sleek, design-forward accessory.


Please note that the Ledger accessory comes without a Ledger Nano device

Ledger Nano Case
Ledger Nano X Case
Ledger Nano Case
Ledger Nano S Plus Case
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Ledger Nano Case
Ledger Nano X Case
Ledger Nano Case
Ledger Nano S Plus Case
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HOW TO USE YOUR nano case

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Protect your device

Keep your Ledger Nano X or S Plus in mint condition.Avoid scratches and everyday wear and tear. Look like new, forever.

Discreetly Elegant

Make a statement without drawing too much attention.

A Friendly Companion

The pebble-like form gives your Ledger Nano X or S Plus a friendly and approachable touch, making it easy to grasp and hold.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions & weight

91.4 x 35.44 x 22.73mm



Plastic, Metal

Box Contents

1 Ledger Nano Case

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