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Nano S Plus

Buy a Nano S Plus and get 10$ of Bitcoin.
Matte Black
  • Matte Black
  • BTC Orange
  • Ice
  • Deepsea Blue
  • Mystic White
Secure your assets and explore Web3 with the new Ledger Nano S Plus. Take the iconic Ledger Nano S, then make it DeFi and NFT-friendly. That’s what we did with the new Nano S Plus.
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Certified CC EAL5+
5000+ coins available
macOS & Windows
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Ledger Nano S Plus
Matte Black
  • Matte Black Matte Black
  • BTC Orange BTC Orange
  • Ice Ice
  • Deepsea Blue Deepsea Blue
  • Mystic White Mystic White

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Introducing the Ledger Nano S PLUS

Manage over 5,500 digital assets

More memory lets you have up to 100 apps installed simultaneously

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Manage your NFTs safely

Send and sign your NFT transactions with full transparency in Ledger Live: what you see is what you sign

Explore all our services

Enjoy a smoother user experience

The large screen makes it easy to navigate and verify transactions

Safeguard your crypto, NFTs, and tokens

Our certified secure chip keeps your private keys offline, out of hackers’ reach

Ledger Live


Buy crypto

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more cryptocurrencies using credit/debit card or bank transfer.

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Swap crypto

Exchange one cryptocurrency for another, quickly and securely with our providers.

Swap crypto

Stake crypto

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Manage crypto

Securely send and receive more than 500+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Cardano and Polygon.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions & weight

62.39 x 17.40 x 8.24mm



Brushed stainless steel and plastic.

Box contents

1 hardware wallet, 1 USB-C to USB-A cable, 1 getting started leaflet, 3 recovery sheets, 1 keychain strap

Microcontrollers & connector

USB Type-C

Certification level



64-bits desktop computers:

  • Windows 10 / 11
  • macOS Big Sur / Monterey / Ventura
  • Ubuntu LTS 20.04 / 22.04 (both excluding ARM Processors)

    Compatible with smartphones (Android 10+).

    Not compatible with Chromebooks.

    Not suitable for mining.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need a hardware wallet?

    The smartest choice when securing your crypto is using a hardware wallet that stores private keys offline, making them independent of third parties and resistant to online threats. Software wallets store private keys on systems that are connected to the internet, making them susceptible to all kinds of attacks.

    Ledger Nano S Plus is a pocket-size hardware wallet that you can connect with your Android or computer. Through the Ledger Live app and our partners, you can securely buy, exchange and grow your crypto.

    What happens if I lose/break my Ledger Nano S Plus?

    Misplaced your Ledger? It got stolen? Accidentally soaked it in water or dropped it from a considerable height? Don’t worry, losing your Ledger doesn’t mean losing your crypto. 

    Your assets are stored on the blockchain, which you can access using your Ledger. You can access, manage, and retrieve your assets as long as your secret recovery phrase is safe and accessible only to you. Simply get another Ledger Nano and restore accounts using your recovery phrase. And boom, you’re back in the game.

    What coins does a Ledger Nano S Plus support?

    With your Ledger Nano S Plus you can manage 5,500+ coins and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP, and install up to 100 apps. Here you can find the full list of supported coins and tokens → Supported assets

    What’s the difference between Ledger Nano S Plus and Ledger Nano X?

    Besides many similarities, there are also notable differences between the two wallets. Ledger Nano X comes with Bluetooth functionality and is compatible with Ledger Live for iOS.

    Here is a detailed comparison of our hardware wallets → Compare different Ledgers

    How to transfer your crypto from exchanges to Ledger Nano S Plus?

    With the Ledger Live app, it's easy to transfer crypto from an exchange to your Ledger Nano S Plus. You will need to generate a deposit address and then paste it into your exchange account to withdraw your funds. When you withdraw crypto to your Ledger, you control the assets, not a third party.

    For more information on transferring your crypto from an exchange, check out this article → How to Transfer Your Crypto From Exchanges

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    Ledger Nano S Plus

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    • 128x64 px screen
    • USB-C
    • Certified secure chip (CC EAL5+)
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