Last chance to save 20% off on Ledger Nano colors.

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Last chance to save 20% off on Ledger Nano colors.

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*Service provided by Coincover. Ledger Recover availability depends on the country/region where your identity document is issued. Visit here for country/region availability. Subscription requires a valid passport or national identity card. Valid driver's licenses also accepted for Canadian and US users. Subscriptions are non-refundable except where statutory refund/cancellation rights apply. Redeem codes are valid for 1 year from purchase date. Subscriptions operate on an automatic renewal basis. Please note that while the redeem code purchase is charged in your local currency, any monthly renewal payment will be processed in EUR (Euros). Due to fluctuating exchange rates, the price in your local currency may vary at the time of each payment and you may incur additional fees from your bank for currency conversion. Cancel anytime to prevent future charges. By clicking ”Add to cart”, you agree to accept these terms and the Ledger Recover Redeem Code T&Cs here.

As a reminder, this promotion can not be combined with the Refer a Friend Reward of the Invitee (please consult the Sales T&Cs and the Referral Program Terms and Conditions for more information).

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